Installation Instructions Installation Instructions STEP ONE Turn off the breakers for the circuits that will be worked on. Loosen two screws a couple of turns. 45255115 STEP TWO Slip left side of "Panel Lockout" over left screw. 45255116 STEP THREE Extend "Panel Lockout" and slip right side under right screw. 45255117 STEP FOUR With "Panel Lockout" extended tightly between screws, insert lock in last hole on the left. Place tagout, with contact information, on lock. (The screw on the Panel Lockout never needs to be touched. It only keeps the two sections from separating when not in use). 134954945 ALTERNATE INSTALLATION If the door handle protrudes more than 1/4 inch, "Panel Lockout" can be installed diagonally across panel door. Available extensions can be used, if needed, for extra length. Note: a six inch extension is used in this photo. 45255119